Arboriculture Attachments

Kanga 4-1 Bucket

This highly versatile, quick fit bucket attachment transforms the Kanga loader simply into a class of its own. Just fit to any 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Series machine and let the Kanga do the work

Kanga Muck Grapple Fork

The Kanga muck grapple fork provides a variation on the various bucket styles/design available, providing the most effective way/solution when processing/moving bushy tree limbs, straw, hay etc.

Kanga Carryall Leveller

The Carryall Leveller is a low cost, must have attachment for all Kanga owners/operators. It can be used on different Kanga models to carry a variety of items

Kanga Fork Tynes

This quick attach system has forks in place in seconds, and is ideal for lifting and transporting all manner of materials including fence posts, railings, rail road ties, mature tree roots.

Kanga Rotating Grab

This rotating grab provides an effective way of moving and manipulating large logs, gate posts and other similar physically large and heavy objects.

Kanga Stump Grinder

This hydraulically powered stump grinder is an efficient attachment, suitable for lighter stump grinding applications and is ideal for intermittent tree and land care maintenance.

Kanga Wood Chipper

Designed for use with the Kanga loader, this attachment provides an efficient method of chipping small branches/brush, producing natural free compost/mulch as a by-product in the process.

Kanga Log Splitter

This hugely popular, easy to use attachment effortlessly splits timber, logs etc of varying sizes with consummate ease into smaller, more manageable pieces, without wielding a single axe!