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Are you a landscape artist?

When working on a landscaping project, whether it’s within a residential property or a commercial setting, chances are there is likely to be a lot of time consuming clearance work to do before the work of creating the new space can begin.

With some projects landscapers can find themselves faced with mini-demolition projects! Designing a space which utilises the given area and creates a usable space which allows for planting to flourish takes time and skill.

Landscaping is both physically demanding and yet requires artistic flair, so anything which frees a landscapers time to devote to design and planning is worth considering. To ensure adequate time can be spent on planning the project many landscapers turn to skid steer mini diggers to help undertake the main landscaping work.

As in everything, trends come and go and landscaping is no different. Whatever the latest look, features such as pathways, patios, decked areas and fencing are always mainstays of any landscaping project and can be both time and resource consuming to install.

A skid steer mini digger, such as a Kanga Loader is an ideal piece of kit for landscapers. Not only are they easily transported from job to job, they can undertake the work done by two or three workers in half the time, and with just one person operating the machine.

Thanks to their size they can get into even the most inaccessible areas making light work of preparing land and shifting waste material. With over sixty attachments, including ones specifically designed for landscaping, such as cultivator, turf cutter and lawn aerator, skid steers can significantly reduce the time spent on a job.

Kanga Loaders can also be used to make light work of fencing, digging holes for water features and ponds and for moving material around the site; ideal for quickly moving decking boards or decorative paving.

Powerful and compact a Kanga Loader has health & safety benefits too, in addition to reducing exposure to hand arm vibration, it also minimises the need for employees to undertake hard labour which can result in manual handling injuries.

For more details on Kanga Loaders and how one could help improve your working day, contact a skid steer dealer or Kanga today on 0845 260 4800.

Work smarter, not harder.........let the Kanga do the work!


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