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Building a stable business with a Kanga Loader

If you are planning to open your own stable business, simply enjoying working with horses may not be enough. Like any business, managing stables is hard work and can involve difficult decisions.

Having a solid understanding of stable management is key, and some colleges run short courses on the basic principles. If you cannot find a specific stable management course then you could try a business course which covers the basics of marketing, devising a business plan and managing your accounts.

When looking to set up any business it is vital that you undertake some market research, in the case of a stables; is there a market for your business? Who will your customers be? Why would they choose you? If the business is going to be sustainable in the long term, you need to manage your costs; these might include facilities, operating costs and staff salaries.

Staffing is usually the biggest cost any business will face. To minimise the burden of wages every business needs to ensure staff are being used effectively. This may mean that if you have an experienced stable hand on staff, who is especially good with customers, that you should maximise their skills and get them working with customers, rather than spending hours doing menial duties.

One such way to free employees up for other tasks is to invest in useful equipment that saves time and labour.

The Kanga Loader is a compact and extremely agile mini-loader and a valued asset within many stables. With over sixty attachments, the Kanga can be used for shifting bales of hay, for mucking out stables, for drilling holes for fencing posts, for trenches and even for weeding! Able to adapt to almost any situation the Kanga Loader is excellent over any terrain and is operated by just one person, freeing staff up to take on other duties.

Work smarter, not harder.........let the Kanga do the work!


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