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Five ways a Kanga Loader can be ideal in winter

Last winter the whole of the UK was covered in a blanket of snow and ice, with as much as 30cm falling in parts of Gloucestershire!  Heavy snowfall, high winds and rains can cause major problems for everybody. As roads become treacherous, offices and stores are forced to close and frozen pipes can lead to whole schools having to shut.  Within the construction industry, winter weather can be a major hassle; delaying projects, causing damage and reducing the workforce, as employees cannot get into work. All of this on top of already shorter working days! 

While it can seem that adverse weather can leave the country grinding to a halt, a Kanga Loader could be just the thing to help get things moving.  So, if the thought of another bad winter has you worried, here are five ways a Kanga Loader can help: 

They can clear snow! While the kids might love it, snow is a major problem. Not only can it leave people unable to access roads, but it can make tackling essential tasks impossible. For those working within stable management or farming, heavy snow can make access around the grounds extremely difficult, causing problems feeding and caring for animals. A Kanga Loader, fitted with a standard bucket, can make light work of removing snow and clearing roads and walkways.

They can handle adverse conditions: As well as flooding, heavy rain brings mud and waterlogged ground can cause heavy machinery and equipment to become stuck. Yet, thanks to Kanga Loaders’ compact body, they are able to manoeuvre into even the most inaccessible of areas with ease.
They are great at removing debris: Whether its fallen leaves or tree branches, hazards such as these need to be carefully managed to prevent slips, trips and falls. With a Kanga Loader any debris can be quickly collected and removed, requiring only one person to undertake the work that two or three people would do if doing so by hand.
They are ideal for repairing damage: High winds can be treacherous, causing damage to buildings, cars and even people as debris is blown around. A fallen tree can cause significant damage and delays to motorists if it blocks a road. With a Kanga Loader fallen trees or other debris can be easily and safely removed. The carryall attachment combined with the powerful hydraulics of the Kanga, means heavy or awkward debris can be lifted with just one person operating; saving time, resources and preventing further problems.
They are adaptable: With over 60 attachments, Kanga Loaders offer a wealth of possibilities. If your property, site or workplace suffers damage thanks to winter weather, you will no doubt want the issue resolving quickly. For stables or farms, fallen fencing can have significant repercussions, so getting new fencing installed quickly is vital. Using the Kanga’s augers or post drivers attachments means the ground can be prepared and new fencing installed in a fraction of the time it would take to do the work by hand.  A mixer bowl attachment is also available, making concreting posts into position even more efficient! 

Of course, Kanga Loaders are not just useful in the winter! With a wide range of attachments including those for cultivating and digging, a Kanga Loader makes a great year-round investment. For more details on the right Kanga for your business call the team on 0845 260 4800.

Work smarter, not harder.........let the Kanga do the work!