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Five Ways To Boost Your Business in 2015

The winter months can be a tough time for construction and landscaping businesses. Shorter working days and inclement weather can mean that many jobs are postponed and for those dealing with the residential market, the extra spend of Christmas can make many homeowners hold off on new purchasing decisions.

However, the quieter weeks at the start of the New Year, need not be wasted. Now, is the perfect time to take annual leave for example and to get on top of any paperwork. Tax returns, invoicing and payments are all tasks that can be time consuming, spending a little time at the start of the year getting organised and putting new systems into place could pay dividends throughout the year, especially when things start to get busy once again.

The New Year is also a great time to take stock and think about the direction of your business; are there new avenues you could explore? Is now the time to expand? Developing a business strategy for the coming year could help focus your business and help to identify the types of customers and projects you should be targeting.

To get you started, we have come up with five ways to help boost your business in 2015…

Get great at time management
Making the most of your time, especially when days are shorter, can really help you to maximise your business. Develop a process for keeping on top of paperwork such as quotes and invoicing. Most clients will get two or three quotes, if yours arrives two weeks after the others, chances are the customer will have already chosen your competitor to do the work! Make the most also of any time and labour saving devices and equipment, a Kanga for example, which can be used with over 60 attachments is a great way to make the most of available time.

Keep up with trends
Whatever industry you are in, things change, whether it is the latest trends in garden design or sustainable construction techniques, keeping up with these trends and sharing your knowledge with potential customers will give them confidence in your skills. After every job, take photos and put them into a portfolio so future clients can see the quality of your work. 

No matter how great your business is, if nobody knows where you are and what you do they can’t choose you! Get ahead by developing a marketing strategy, start simple; liveried vehicles say a lot about your professional approach and on a practical level help to pass on your contact details. Leaving customers with a business card also makes a professional impression and they can be retained by the customer for future use or passed on to their contacts. Consider also, using social media, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter can be effective (and inexpensive) ways to stay in touch with clients and boost your profile.

Know your competitors
Do you know who your main competitors are? If not, you should, if you miss winning new work, is it because they are offering something you do not? Find out what similar sized firms are offering and compare it to your business, could you do more to persuade customers that you are the best fit for the task?

Get a Kanga!
Becoming more efficient is the aim of most businesses, not only does it help turn jobs around quicker but it can help to lower costs and even improve the quality of finish. With a Kanga skid-steer loader, businesses around the world have benefited from the time and cost saving this nifty machine brings. Not only is there a Kanga able to tackle pretty much every terrain, but work that would typically have taken a team to do, can be done by just one operative in a fraction of the time! This is thanks to Kanga’s impressive array of attachments, there is one for almost every type of landscaping, estate management or construction task, from a mixer bowl for mixing concrete to a turf cutter for preparing ground.

So, just imagine what you could use a Kanga for in 2015! From expanding your services to streamlining processes and even turning projects around quicker – the possibilities are endless!

For more details on the right Kanga for your business call the Kanga team on 0845 260 4800.