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Get Set For Winter...

With winter just around the corner, we will all be hoping for a milder winter than previous years, yet the likelihood is that we can probably expect high winds, rain and maybe even snow.

The winter months can be miserable and shorter days leave less time to tackle important tasks. This is when a skid steer loader, such as a Kanga, can come in handy! Making light work of even the toughest tasks, a skid steer loader with just one operator can do the work it would typically take a team of two or three and in a fraction of the time.

A skid steer loader can also be an advantage in winter when it comes to clearing snow from pathways and roads. Snow can be treacherous, both under foot and when driving so keeping areas clear is important to prevent injury. With a Kanga every attachment works hard, for example, the 4-in-1 bucket, which is most likely to be used for moving material around a site, is perfect for snow clearing. Likewise, the bucket broom attachment can be used to keep pathways snow free too!

Of course, winter isn’t all about snow, usually the season sees the UK battered by high winds and torrential downpours.  These kinds of weather conditions can cause a number of problems. Firstly, high winds can cause trees to fall, creating obstacles and potential hazards, with a Kanga Loader on hand however; trees and other debris can be quickly removed thanks to the grapple fork attachment. The wood chipper attachment can also ensure branches etc. are neatly disposed of, and the resulting compost/ mulch has a wide range of uses.

With fences blown down, landscapers and those responsible for estate maintenance can find they need to repair or replace large areas of damaged fencing. Thankfully, a skid steer loader such as the Kanga DA625, can make life a little easier! As a four-wheel drive loader, it easily manoeuvres over tough terrain and what’s more, it boasts excellent lift capabilities and ground clearance. An added benefit is attachments such as augers, post driver and even a concrete mixing bowl, which all ensure that fencing can be replaced in the shortest amount of time.

Lashings of rain and snow followed by a frost can leave the ground water-logged, the cultivator attachment, available for use on the 2,5,6,7 and 8 series models, can turn over the toughest of ground and help improve drainage. Helping to maintain ground conditions come the spring.

Finally, a skid steer loader can also be an advantage in terms of employee health and safety. Working outdoors in arctic conditions can be hazardous, not to mention unpleasant. With a skid steer loader on board, employees need be outside for less time and need not negotiate ladders, climb embankments or work at height, all of which can be dangerous in icy or wet conditions.

There are a range of skid steer loaders available, from the Kanga KK216, also known as ‘The Kid’, which is the world’s smallest skid steer loader, to the Kanga TD825, a four-wheel drive, tracked machine that has the greatest power, performance and lifting capabilities of the range.

If you would like to find out more about how a skid steer loader could work for your business this winter, call the Kanga team on 0845 260 4800.