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History of the Kanga Loader

Kanga loaders have come to be the industry standard when it comes to elite Mini Machines, though have actually been around in one form or another for quite some time. In fact, the Australian business that now operates at least 10 dealerships began in the 1980s with the wild and wonderful dream of one Mr John Alan Porter and Doug McIlwraith.

80s Origins

The Kanga Loader as we know it today first arrived as a basic motorised wheelbarrow in 1980 that never really made it out of its creators’ grounds. However, a year later saw the addition of an 11 horsepower petrol engine to a trademark red and white barrow which became the first publicly available model. Incredibly, at least two of these original loaders are known to be still working on genuine sites today.

1985 saw some big changes in the ranks and an initial change in the name of the company to Jaden loaders, which would then be changed once again to Kanga in 1988 – the name that stuck from then on. In 1989, the team behind the growing range of Kanga Loaders was granted an “Australian Design Award” which resulted in significantly greater investment in the development and manufacture of new products.

In the 90s

It wasn’t until 1997 that the first Kanga Loader was introduced to the US, which sported the trademark gold and green colouring for which the brand would ultimately become world famous. Critical and consumer reaction to the new range of loaders was extraordinary and there was little to no doubt than a success story of epic proportions was about to begin.

21st Century Kanga Loaders

To celebrate the turn of the millennium, Kanga launched an all-new product in 200 named the Kanga Kid, which was basically a smaller version of the standard loader that offered easier operating and increased maneuverability. The 2005 National Construction Exhibition then heralded the arrival of the new Maxi 8 series from the company. And just to show how far the brand was advancing, the same year also saw the arrival of the D800R which could be operated by remote control from 200 meters for use in dangerous environments.

More recently still, Kanga Loaders featured prominently in a new advertising campaign for Honda and have generally been scooping up the awards left, right and centre.

Work smarter, not harder.........let the Kanga do the work!


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