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Stable Management

If you own a horse you will know just how much effort goes in to keeping one; contrary to belief it is not just a case of fetching them from the field, giving them a brush, having a ride and then putting them back in the field!

Many people don’t actually realise just how much work goes into keeping a horse until they have one which can cause problems further down the line. If on the other hand, you are fortunate enough to work on or own a livery yard you probably don’t even get chance to have a cup of tea never mind go riding because of the amount of mucking out that needs doing on a daily basis.

It is essential that stables and fields are cared for by removing any mess (faeces or urine) from the area that the horse uses to sleep or graze in on a regular basis to prevent worms and other health conditions. Mucking out becomes a daily ritual and although many yard owners have help from enthusiastic young children or stable hands, the work can still be physically demanding.

This is where Kanga comes in and changes everything!

A Kanga Loader is a mini digger and is exactly what you need in order to get the undesirable jobs done much faster so that you have time to do the more enjoyable things such as: grooming and riding the horses. The Kanga Loader is small, agile and is available with a vast array of accessories and tools that can make mucking out and a number of other jobs around the yard seem much easier.

The Kanga Stable Management machine will not only allow you to relish in the more enjoyable jobs when spending time at the yard but it will also save your aching muscles from any more strain and stress. 

Work smarter, not harder.........let the Kanga do the work!