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Kanga manual handling / waste management machines

The multi-tasking abilities of the Kanga Loader are many, clearly evident, and indeed have been well documented around the world over the last 30 years.

Unlike some equipment, a Kanga Loader isn't limited to use in one or two industries. Equipment versatility is assured with Kanga’s expansive range of bespoke ‘quick-fit’ time and labour saving attachments.

Many use/own a Kanga Loader for a wide variety of reasons, and use them on a daily basis to perform a wide variety of applications, in a diverse range of industries.

With a seemingly ever increasing emphasis on cost saving, productivity gains and employee safety, a Kanga Loader represents an excellent, viable and affordable solution to many problematic tasks currently either performed by hand labour alone, or with the aid of single disciplined and/or non-mechanical machinery.

A perhaps often over looked use for a Kanga Loader is as a manual handling and waste management solution.

A comprehensive attachments are available to assist with the handling of a broad range of materials, from a carry all, ideal for moving bagged materials, aggregates etc, to a variety of grabs, buckets, fork tynes and even a drum handler – all of which are designed to move materials safely from one place to another, without the requirement of being physically handled by the operator, or others.

The addition of a tow hitch enables trailers, caravans and such like to be easily, and safely moved and repositioned.

By virtue that many of the attachments available for a Kanga Loader totally eliminates contact between the operator and material being handled, this makes a Kanga Loader ideal for moving and removing hazardous waste.

Work smarter, not harder.........let the Kanga do the work!


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