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Need help with fencing? Kanga is the way forward!

We are fully aware that the job of a fencing contractor is physically demanding and time consuming, mainly because many post holes have to be produced by using a spade. Not only does the job cause problems to muscles and joints resulting in permanent injury but it can also cause extreme fatigue which means you may not be as productive in your job role.

Instead of roping in more help in the form of a human why not consider using a Kanga Loader? It is much like a human in the fact that it is small and agile but instead of getting tired and not being able to do things at a quick enough rate, the Kanga Loader can power through the jobs that a human may find exhausting. All that is needed is a “Post Hole Borer” attachment! This will make the job of erecting posts a lot less labour intensive and more cost effective. The post hole borer is capable of making a variety of different sized holes in a shorter space of time (it only takes the Kanga Loader a couple of minutes to create a hole) and to finish off the job, why not make sure each post is securely in place by using the weighted post driver?

There are many other attachments that will make your job as a fencing contractor a much easier one! 

Work smarter, not harder.........let the Kanga do the work!