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Never used a Kanga before?

Are you one of those people that doesn’t like to read instructions? Do you like to get stuck in from the outset working things out as you go?

Well, if that sounds like you, you are going to love a Kanga skid steer loader! Super-easy to use, the Kanga’s controls are simple and easy-to understand, meaning with just a short introduction to the machine, every site operative can operate it.

Once stood in position on the robust operator’s platform, operation is simple with soft-touch controls that allow for 360◦ movement and optimum attachment control. With a whole host of safety features fitted as standard including a metal fuel tank to prevent punctures and safety cut out, operators can quickly become confident and safe users.

Asides from easy operation, Kangas boasts many other features, including a self-levelling bucket that means material won’t tip into the machine when lifted. With over 60 attachments available, the Kanga is a hard-working multi-tasker and can easily adapt from a rotary mower clearing brambles, brush and bracken to a concrete mixer!  Attachments are easy (and foolproof!) to fit with only two connectors required – one male and one female, making incorrect attachment impossible. What’s more, thanks to Kanga’s power, speed and ability to tackle the toughest of terrains, just one operator can complete a task in a fraction of the time it would typically take a team of two or three –saving time and labour costs.

Designed for use in the tough Australian outback, Kanga’s need to be reliable and they are! Powered by robust Honda engines, there is plenty of power and speed to get the job done. Routine servicing is also easy with quick access to key parts.

Available in a range of sizes and with tracks or wheels, there is a Kanga to suit all applications from landscaping and irrigation to arboriculture and estate management. Call the Kanga team for advice on the best Kanga for your needs on 0845 260 4800.