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Whatever the weather, Kanga can do it

If you're looking for equipment that can aid the clearing of snow and leaves, the Kanga can do it 24/7/365...

As seasons change, and autumn transcends into winter, what better time and way to illustrate the true all year round versatility, and multi-tasking abilities of a Kanga Loader skid steer.

Unlike many dedicated, single disciplined machines or pieces of equipment, which often have a degree of seasonality, limited use, or both, and which therefore can sit redundant in a corner from one month to another until seasons change or a job requires it.

"whatever the season, whatever the weather"

The power, traction and multi-tasking capabilities of the Kanga Loader can permit its use 365 days a year, whatever the season, whatever the weather, whilst other machines sit idle.

Take for instance the arrival of autumn, and with it, the inevitable leaves that fall. The addition of a bucket broom to a Kanga Loader provides a highly efficient means of sweeping up:

  • leaves
  • path clearing
  • car park cleaning
  • driveways

Indeed, when the snow arrives, simply add a hydraulic angle blade, which can be used as an effective snow plough, or go the whole hog and add a snow blower, which will efficiently and effortlessly project, blow and clear snow from your way.

What better way to maintain, clean and keep footpaths, driveways, small car parks etc than with a Kanga which can change along with your seasonal requirements?

Work smarter, not harder.........let the Kanga do the work!


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