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Safe working how a Kanga mini-loader can help

It can often seem we are a nation obsessed with health and safety and many of us will have experienced instances of ‘health and safety gone mad’. However, health and safety within the workplace forms an essential part of maintaining the health and wellbeing of employees and visitors and can prevent accidents and injuries. 

In the year 2013/14 around 629,000 people were injured in the UK undertaking their daily duties and an estimated 1.9 million working days were lost as workers recover from a handling injury or a slip, trip or fall within the workplace. These staggering figures highlight just how important it is to operate a safe working environment. Many factors contribute to accidents within the workplace, including under-estimating risks, experience, weather conditions and lack of preparation.

For those whose work includes manual labour, there are a large number of potentially high-risk factors, including:

  • Risk from a fall from working at height
  • Risk from hazardous substances
  • Muscle strains and sprains from manual lifting
  • Vibration White Finger caused by prolong use of vibrating equipment

Managing the risks and getting the job done can sometimes feel like a balancing act but thankfully, a Kanga can help. Kangas are designed to tackle the toughest of environments (they are designed for use in the Australian outback), and are equipped with a secret weapon – in fact, sixty of them!

Every Kanga has been designed to work with a wide array of attachments from a turf cutter to a rotary tiller and each attachment is quick and easy to fit.  By using these attachments, the operator is removed from the main action, thus immediately minimising the risk of injury. It also means that a Kanga and one operator can do the work in half the time it would take a team of two or three without a Kanga.

As well as reducing the risk of operator injury, Kangas are also fitted with safety features including a self-levelling design that ensures material stays in the bucket and not over the operator and a metal fuel tank to prevent risk of puncture and potential fuel leaks.

For more details on the right Kanga for your needs and the range of attachments available, call the Kanga team on 0845 260 4800. And for the latest health and safety advice, visit,