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Short on space? Rethink your equipment…

It is surprising how quickly we can accumulate stuff, particularly in the workplace, whether its leftover materials from a recent job or various pieces of equipment, we can all find ourselves struggling for space and unable to access what we need, when we need it.

Whether you are in the business of undertaking major building works or maintaining the grounds of a caravan park, you no doubt need a wide range of tools and equipment to tackle every project that comes your way.

Before you start thinking about whether you need to relocate to bigger premises or invest in a bigger van, think about the equipment you currently have. If you are storing many different items such as a concrete mixer and equipment for cultivating, digging or transporting, there could be an easier way to have all the equipment you need without taking up as much space.

The answer, of course, is a Kanga loader. These versatile machines not only boast exceptional power over even the toughest of terrains, but they can be used in so many different ways.  Through the easy to fit attachments, a Kanga can become a portable concrete mixer, a turf cutter and even a sweeping brush!

There is a wide range of Kangas available, depending on the size and power needed. The smallest, known as ‘the kid’, is the world’s smallest skid steer loader and as such, it offers impressive capabilities. Two models are available, the KK216 wheel option or the TK216 with its efficient track over tyre design. Both are robust enough to handle every terrain while getting on with the day job, whether that is digging, levelling or post-hole boring. With over sixty attachments suitable for machines across the Kanga range, almost every task can be taken care of with ease.

As well as saving space, Kangas can also help save time and money, operated by just one person, work can be completed in a fraction of the time it would usually take a team of two, three or more to do. Removing workers from the hard manual lifting also helps reduce the risk of injury or HAV associated with other equipment.

For more details on the right Kanga for your business and the time and labour saving attachments available, call the Kanga team on 0845 260 4800.