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Do you have your own horse? You need a Skid Steer!

If you own a horse, you will know that the main part of owning such a powerful but equally stunning animal is the not so nice side of poo-picking in the field and cleaning out mucky dirty stables every single day: not to mention the lugging around of bales of hay and straw.

That’s right, no matter how much you wish that the horse would do it all for you so that you don’t have to get up at 5am the truth is, they won’t.

A true horse lover of course will reluctantly but lovingly commit to the daily chores of mucking out and poo-picking: it is a labour of love, even if a little physically challenging. It is essential that the paddocks are cleared of poo every day without fail. If this is not done, it can encourage worms which will infest the horse grazing on the contaminated grass.

For mucking out many people will and always have used the good old tools such as the: fork, spade, brush and similar miniature tools for collecting poo from the field. These kinds of tools tend to be heavy, clumsy and annoying especially as they are continually being lugged manually from one place to another.

It can become very tiring and what’s the point in pointlessly tiring yourself out when you could in fact invest in the newest technology being used by many in the equestrian business today.

This new, agile, compact and high performance product is known as the “Skid Steer Mini Digger”.

By using one of these amazing compact machines to carry out daily mucking-out duties, you will be halving your energy output for the day and not only can the skid steer be used to muck out but it can also be used inside individual horse stalls for such things as moving straw, hay and manure etc.

The skid steer can be acquired with or without attachments but of course the more attachments you have, the easier any job becomes. The quick fit attachments have been specifically designed for all aspects of stable, paddock and general yard management.

The kinds of attachments available include:

  • A grapple fork for lifting, moving and placing bales with ease
  • A variety of buckets for collecting
  • A rotary broom for sweeping
  • A post hole borer and post driver for fencing
  • A carry-all leveller for carrying heavy materials and levelling uneven surfaces

These miracle machines will make even the hardest jobs seem easy because of the impressive hydraulic output and assisted weight of the machine. They are so simple to use even a complete beginner will have acquired a best friend in no time at all, leaving horse and rider to enjoy some extra quality time together.

Work smarter, not harder.........let the Kanga do the work!


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