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Big renovation project? Discover The Kanga

Few renovation projects go exactly to plan, with many properties throwing up surprises such as poor foundations or a lack of damp proofing. Whether you are an experienced builder or a homeowner keen to get their hands dirty, if you are set to tackle a big renovation project you may be surprised to learn all the ways a Kanga skid-steer mini loader can help.

Often considered the machine of choice for landscapers and those tasked with estate management, Kangas are in fact extremely versatile and thanks to a wide range of attachments can perform the tasks usually associated with other equipment, they are the Swiss army knife of mini loaders!

We have rounded up our favourite attachments for use in renovation or development projects, check them out…

Standard bucket - Easily fixing on to your Kanga machine, this robust bucket is a must have for clearing debris and shifting material. The generously sized bucket is designed to prevent overloading, even when carrying heavy material.

Rubble bucket - If you need to prepare ground and find it rocky or full of bricks, the rubble bucket can quickly and efficiently sort through the earth, removing the unwanted material and leaving behind the soil. Just one operator can clear the area in a fraction of the time it would take a team to do so by hand.

Carryall - Few of us consider just how much time can be lost transporting heavy or awkward materials around a site, but it can be significant. Clearly, there is a maximum to how much any one individual can carry and time spent sorting material is time away from other key tasks. With the carryall attachment materials such as bricks and bags of cement can be easily and quickly moved to where they need to be.

Mixer bowl - Imagine having concrete exactly where you need it, every single time, well you can with the mixer bowl attachment! The Kanga can be positioned and repositioned to wherever it is needed, it can even be used to lift the concrete over low walls or other obstacles.

Bucket boom - Keeping a tidy site not only helps progress as time isn’t wasted trying to find things amongst the mess but it also helps in terms of safety and minimises the risk of trips and falls. The Kanga bucket boom attachment is foolproof to fit and collects debris into its built-in bucket, rather than just sweeping everything into a pile to be cleared later.

Breaker - If you project requires the breaking up of concrete or other tough materials you may require the use of a breaker. Done by hand the work can be backbreaking and users of hand-held breakers can quickly tire thanks to hand arm vibration (HAV). By attaching the breaker on to your Kanga, not only does the machine do the work, but also there is no risk of HAV or injury from manual handling. Large areas can be broken up quickly and transported away by easily changing to the standard bucket attachment – all by one person!

As the renovation project comes to completion, a Kanga can still help by, for example, creating holes for fence posts to complete the garden!

For more help and advice on choosing the right Kanga and attachments for your project or business, call the team on 0845 260 4800.