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The shorter days are here, donít let them slow you

With autumn upon us and the days now shorter, making the most of daylight hours is essential for those tasked with outdoor projects such as landscaping and estate management.

Not only do shorter days mean less time to work, therefore making each project take longer, but also shorter days usually mean colder weather, which in turn can also have an impact.

As the weather begins to turn colder, it can make digging the ground much more difficult and even affect material such as concrete. Also, chilly starts and low-level light can also present a safety hazard in terms of slips, trips and falls.

So, what can be done to ensure that seasonal changes do not overly affect your work? Well, adding a Kanga loader to your equipment could be a great start!

Not only are Kangas super-easy to use, they are also tough, durable and extremely versatile. Able to move over the toughest of terrains, Kangas can access even the most awkward of locations, undertaking the work it would typically take a team of three or more to do in a fraction of the time.

With over sixty attachments, Kangas offer so much in terms of adaptability, for example, use one for installing new fencing with the auger attachment, which can quickly produce post-holes. Then, easily convert it into a concrete mixer with the mixer bowl attachment; the post driver attachment will then drive in new posts to finish the job - all with the minimum of fuss and hassle!

What’s more, with the operator away from the action, health & safety is improved, with risks of slips and falls or other injuries minimised.

There are a wide range of Kangas available, depending on the intended use. For example, within estate management the Kanga GA524 (5 Series), may be a good choice. This petrol powered wheeled loader offers plenty of horsepower and fantastic lifting capabilities.  A diesel model is also available.

To find out more about the complete range of Kanga machines and attachments and how they could benefit your business, call the Kanga team on 0845 260 4800.