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A Kanga Loader is the perfect Irrigation and Trencher Machine, plus it will save you time, money and energy...

Irrigation is the artificial application of water to the land or soil, and used to assist in the growth of crops and grasses, improve crop yields, maintenance of landscapes, revegetation of disturbed soils in dry areas during periods of inadequate rainfall, dust suppression, etc.

Irrigation is often a term linked to drainage problems and improving land drainage too, where the natural removal of surface water is restricted or limited, and hot spots of standing water often form as a result.

Forming a trench using a trenching device is the most economical and efficient way to do so, and a significantly more productive, more cost effective and faster way than using the bucket of an excavator etc, and with much minimal ground disruption.

A 24"/600mm long trencher, with a 4"/100mm wide chain is a highly productive and popular attachment available for the Kanga 2 Series, whilst a larger 36"/915mm trencher, with variable chain widths of 4"/100mm, 6"/150mm and 8"/200mm.

A quick fit, labour saving turf cutting device, a range of buckets and a hydraulically powered angle/backfill blade are also available and commonly used in conjunction with the trenching attachment on irrigation projects, especially those undertaken at:

  • domestic properties
  • golf courses
  • footbal pitches

...where the absolute minimum of ground disruption is key.

If you would like to discover how a Kanga Loader could help you, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Work smarter, not harder.........let the Kanga do the work!