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The kanga Loader is an agile machine and did you know you can also hire a kanga skid steer from us?

The Kanga Loader is, in essence, a powerful mobile hydraulic power pack, capable of running a multitude of incredibly high performing hydraulically powered attachments with compatible flow rates.

This ingenious design of the Kanga enables it to be to be used in a wide range of industries, for a diverse range of time, labour and money saving applications, and is furthermore, becoming an increasingly popular Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) and manual handling solution.

The Kanga's range of uses is almost limitless, from:

  • landscaping to building
  • fencing to pen cleaning
  • stall cleaning to muck shifting
  • irrigation to effective estate management
  • arboriculture to demolition
  • stable care to effective waste management name but a few

The key to Kanga is its compact size, agility, ease of use and ability to harness its impressive hydraulic power output, and transform it into identifiable time, labour and money saving benefits.

The Kanga enables productivity levels to be attained, safely, that are simply unachieveable by hand labour alone, and its multi-tasking abilities are nothing short of phenomenal!

The Kanga Loader is available in wheeled or tracked format, with excellent ground clearance, providing an unrivalled level of traction, enabling it to be used on a variety of terrains.

Changing attachments couldn’t be easier and can be achieved in less than a minute by an experienced operator and is a simple, non mechanical operation.

The Kanga Loader also removes operator fatigue and can often prove to be self financing with even limited use on a monthly basis, as well as being your most valued and reliable workmate.

If you'd like to learn more about Kanga Loaders, how to buy, hire and view, contact the Kanga UK team.

Work smarter, not harder.........let the Kanga do the work!