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Customer Reviews of Kanga Loaders

Malcolm Smith - James Smith & Co

Our Kanga Loader nearly paid for itself on the first job we used it for - fantastic machine.

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Andrew Hodge - Andrew Hodge Contracting

I purchased a Kanga 5 Series. After five months, the amount of time it has saved me has been immeasurable.

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Dave Wisbey - Aardvark Garden Services

I seriously begun to think about packing the business in.

With the time savings that Kanga Loader offers, I can move on to the next job without comprosing my impossible work ethic.

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Gary Emmett - Colour Scan

Everywhere we have used it, we have been in awe over how fast, how neat and cost effective a machine it is.

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David Stocks - David Stocks Fencing

We bought it there and then, and we haven't looked back.

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Charlie Wright - Front Row Fencing

Thanks to the Kanga, we completed the job more quickly than we would have. We've had it for around 15-16 months and it has enabled us to take on more work than we would have been able to before.

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Laura Lloyd - Estate Management

We're about making the most of the estate whilst preserving it's beauty and keeping it economically viable. Our Kanga has made it possible to offer our community high quality firewood and other services, and we couldn't be more pleased with it.

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Philip Kew - Kew Landscaping

I liked the way it got through narrow gaps and into gardens. The Kanga Loader is slim, and gets access where other machines can't.

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Neil O'Brien - Les Beaux Jardins

It really does the job quickly, no matter what the task. It is exceptional at rotovating and extremely efficient. I would holeheartedly recommend it to anyone.

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Darren Purdey - Purdeys

I have had the machine for 6 months now and life has just been brilliant.

The machine is outstanding and I can assure anyone that my life is now outstanding.

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Lewis Messenger - LM Messenger

Machines like the kanga really do make a difference when you're trying to make a living out of a business.

That's what it is already doing for me. I don't think I could manage without it right now.


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