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Arboriculture Machines

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Arboriculture Attachments

View the range of Kanga arboriculture attachments


Arboriculture is the general term used to define the study, cultivation and management of trees, shrubs, vines and other perennial woody plants, and includes aspects of work carried out by many tree surgeons on a daily basis. Arborist Equipment from Kanga UK includes the TK216, which can work with forestry attachments to increase the efficiency of your project.

The work of an arborist is often varied and physically demanding.

The compact size, agility, power and multi tasking abilities of the Kanga product range makes it an ideal assist for:

  • clearing over grown areas
  • moving fallen tree limbs/debris
  • planting tress
  • and much more

…with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment, thanks to its compact footprint, and many other elements of tree care and forestry management.


The Kanga loader product range includes a comprehensive range of highly productive, labour saving, quick fit attachments specifically designed for use by an arboriculturist, including a comprehensive range of:

  • various sized augers for planting
  • variety of buckets
  • grapple fork
  • rotating log grab
  • highly efficient log splitter

When fitted to a Kanga loader these ingenious attachments work in harmony with the impressive hydraulic output of the Kanga and assisted weight of the machine, making even the most demanding tasks, easy work.

With over 60+ labour/time saving attachments available for the Kanga loader, we have the arborist equipment to suit you.┬áIf you can’t see an attachment or are unsure with model with suit your project best, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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