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Kanga Bucket Broom

Technical Information
(2 Series Bucket Broom)

Volume 0.05m3
Brush Diameter 16″/400mm
Brush Width 31″/790mm
Weight 90kg

Technical Information
(5, 6, 7 & 8 Series Bucket Broom)

Volume 0.08m3
Brush Diameter 16″/400mm
Brush Width 31″/790mm
Weight 110kg

Designed for use on the Kanga loader, the Kanga bucket broom attachment sweeps up all manner of debris, dirt, leaves, waste etc your desired area/site clean.

Two models of bucket broom attachment are available for the Kanga range, one designed for use with the compact Kanga 2 Series (Kid), and one for use with the 5, 6, 7 & 8 Series Kanga loaders.

The self loading bucket is ideal for efficiently sweeping sidewalks, parking lots, factories, industrial sites and feed lots, collecting debris in the built-in bucket as its sweeps, unlike alot of other brooms which simply sweep debris from one location to another. Furthermore, the reverse rotation facility also provides the ability to push snow and gravel. The broom is also designed to automatically swing away as the bucket is emptied, enabling more dirt/debris to be deposited in the desired location.

With over 60+ labour/time saving attachments available for the Kanga loader, if you can’t see an attachment to suit your specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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