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Predicting the weather from one day to the next can often catch forecasters out, so when looking ahead to the long winter months, forecasts can be unreliable. However, one thing is for sure; if the UK is hit by a blanket of heavy snow, things can quickly grind to a halt, causing delays and disruption to your business.

If we are hit by snow this winter, safety must come first and keeping pathways, access routes and areas around your site clear and passable is a key priority. While the task can be done by shovel, a quicker, more efficient way is to use a Kanga.

Kanga machines are renowned for their versatility, used everywhere from construction sites to stables. Offering speed and durability in a conveniently sized package, Kangas can access even hard to reach areas and are extremely manoeuvrable.

Kanga Attachments

What’s more, with over sixty attachments available, each one easy to fit and durable, a Kanga is usable year-round for a wide range of activities.

When snow hits, the hydraulic angle/ backfill blade attachment is a must. Suitable for use with the 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8 series models, it makes light work of clearing dense snowfall. Adding to its usability, the attachment can also be used as a nifty tool for backfilling trenches, clearing out waste materials and moving soil.

With fingertip hydraulic control, the blade is easily shifted into position, offering a 22◦ angle that ensures a wide pathway is cleared and whether you opt for a tracked or wheeled Kanga machine, you can be sure that it offers exceptional grip, power and speed, whatever the conditions.

Clearing areas packed with snow in a fraction of the time it would take to do so with a shovel, the blade also minimises exposure to the cold and risk of a slip, trip or fall, making it a safer choice. As with all Kangas, the operator is stood away from the action, yet in an elevated position, offering full visibility of the task ahead.

As well as the hydraulic angle/ backfill blade attachment, other attachments within the range can be used for snow clearance. This includes the 4-in-1 bucket which boasts generous capacity as well as front or back blading and the heavy-duty broom which has reverse rotation allowing it to push snow and gravel.

For advice on the right attachment for your Kanga or more information on how a Kanga can benefit your business, call the team on 0845 260 4800.