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Fencing Attachments

Kanga Standard Bucket

This bucket attachment has high tensile steel cutting teeth for long life and digging the most difficult materials. It will get you started on any project using 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Series machines.

Kanga 4-1 Bucket

This highly versatile, quick fit bucket attachment transforms the Kanga loader simply into a class of its own. Just fit to any 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Series machine and let the Kanga do the work

Kanga Carryall Leveller

The Carryall Leveller is a low cost, must have attachment for all Kanga owners/operators. It can be used on different Kanga models to carry a variety of items

Kanga Auger Drive/Powerhead

The auger drive transforms the Kanga into one of the most productive, safe and easy to use post hole borers available today. It includes a tow ball, a ripper and auger drive all in one

Kanga Augers

These premium quality, tungsten tipped teeth/pilot augers are an essential must have when tree planting, post hole boring etc, and are suitable for use in most types of ground conditions.

Kanga Mixer Bowl

Use this mixing bowl attachment to convert your Kanga into a mobile concrete mixer. No more hauling materials or concrete to the job when you let the Kanga do the work

Kanga Fork Tynes

This quick attach system has forks in place in seconds, and is ideal for lifting and transporting all manner of materials including fence posts, railings, rail road ties, mature tree roots.

Kanga Trencher

This premium grade, high performing attachment totally transforms the Kanga into an incredibly safe, easy to use, highly versatile trencher, suitable for use in a wide variety of ground conditions.

Kanga Hydraulic Angle/Backfill Blade

This labour saving blade attachment is ideal for backfilling trenches, pushing loose soil/feed, lot/pen cleaning out out, shifting snow. Hydraulic control from your fingertips

Kanga Bucket Broom

The Kanga bucket broom sweeps up all manner of debris, dirt, leaves, waste etc your desired area/site clean. Features reverse rotation option and a swing-away emptying method

Kanga Breaker

Fitting this breaker attachment to a Kanga loader eliminates the manual handling of otherwise heavy breakers around site. Great for breaking up concrete, asphalt and natural stone