Kanga 2 Series

The Kanga TK216 ‘Kid‘ (2 Series) is THE World’s smallest, most user-friendly and versatile of our mini loaders, available with an extensive array of quick hitch, time and labour saving attachments, that completes even the toughest jobs quickly, safely and easily.

The compact size of the TK216 together with its impressive skid steer abilities, power to weight ratio and extensive array of time and labour saving attachments all combine to make the Kanga Kid the World’s most versatile and safest piece of mini equipment available, capable of digging, carrying, trenching, post-hole boring, planting, levelling and much, much more. Using a Kanga significantly increases productivity levels and can dramatically reduce your labour costs.

Furthermore, the Kanga Kid is ideal for working in/accessing confined spaces where larger, and especially articulated, machinery often can’t reach, and can even fit through a standard internal doorway with an overall width >800 mm, into stables/animal pens and through a standard sized passageway at the side of most domestic properties etc.

The Kanga Kid is available in a Wheel (KK216) or Track (TK216) option. The Kanga TK216 features an igenious and highly efficient rubber track over tyre design that provide the operator with an edge in power, speed, durability, ease-of-use and safety. Let the mini loaders from Kanga do the work.

Kanga 2 Series Mini Skid Steers


Lift Capacity: 100kg
Travel Speed: 5.4km/h
Fuel Capacity: 8.5L
Operating Weight:
470kg (KK216)
500kg (TK216)
Drive/Operating System:
5 Hand Levers


Gear Pump Displacement: 6.2cc/rev
Pump Output: 22L/min
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity: 51.5L
System Pressure: 186bar
Hydraulic Wheel Motors: 2


Engine Model: Honda GXV530
Petrol/Diesel: Petrol
Power: 11.5kW/16hp


Max. Operating Height: 1570mm (KK216),
1580mm (TK216)
Overall Height:
1200mm (KK216),
1210mm (TK216)
Overall Length: 1560mm
Overall Length (c/w bucket): 2070mm
Overall Wheel Width: 770mm,
Track Width: 800mm
Ground Clearance:
150mm (KK216),
160mm (TK216)
Wheel Rim Size: 8 inch
Bucket Max. Roll Back: 36°
Bucket Max. Dump Angle: 48°

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