Data and Privacy

Your privacy and security are as important to us as they are to you. Please contact us for full details.

Personal Data

We do not collect personal data such as name and contact details when you visit this website, however we do use cookies which help us identify how many visitors we have had on each page. You can choose to disable cookies by using an incognito/private browser window or by disabling cookies within your browser.

If you place an order with Kanga UK we will retain your order details but we do not have access to payment details. Any company that retains, duplicates or distributes your credit/debit card details is breaking the law. 

GDPR and Consent

If you make a purchase from Kanga UK and you wish to review your records you can contact us to request this. We do not conduct any unsolicited marketing by post or email, the only contact you will receive from Kanga UK is to clarify or confirm details of your order. We have recently reviewed our policies and procedures so that customer data is kept even more secure and confidential.
Please note that this is not an ecommerce website so we never handle payment details over the internet. We take payments using our secure payment merchants SagePay, and the card details are encrypted and not visible to us.
This website has a SSL certificate. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and it is a way of ensuring that no third party can intercept any data that may be created through your use of the website. You can identify a secure site because it begins with https and most browsers will show a padlock symbol and/or the word SECURE next to the url.

How to View this Website Without Cookies

Cookies are used by all websites by default, in order to keep track of how many visitors a page has. The most common application that websites use is Google Analytics. This data is useful to see which pages are performing better, how visitors are reaching the site and how long they are spending on each page.
If you wish to view the content on this site you can do so using an incognito/private browser window, or by changing the settings within your browser. Below are the instructions to do this for different browsers:

BrowserPrivate/Incognito WindowDisable Cookies within MENU or SETTINGS or TOOLS
ChromeCtrl+Shift+NAdvanced/Content Settings/Cookies
FirefoxCtrl+Shift+POptions/Privacy & Security/Remove Individual Cookies
EdgeCtrl+Shift+PSettings/Advanced Settings/Cookies
ExplorerCtrl+Shift+PInternet Options/Privacy/Advanced

We do not have access to your name or address if you visit the site without disabling cookies, but your visit(s) would simply count in the figures presented to us by Google Analytics. 

If you require more information on the way we use visitor data and customer records please contact us.

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