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If you’re doing any landscaping or yard work you will be aware that speed and efficiency means an increased earning potential. Many smaller jobs can be done by hand, with simple mechanical or electrical tools, but using a mini loader is becoming more and more popular in the landscaping trade for good reason.

Compact Mini Loaders

As well as being versatile and reliable, a key reason that landscapers are choosing a mini skid steer loader such as a Kanga is its slim frame. Narrow passageways and pathways are no problem for machines such as the 2 series, whose track width is only 880mm. In fact, all Kanga mini loaders have a compact profile, able to navigate down paths narrower than 1.5 metres.

Towing with a Skid Steer

One key reason to choose a Kanga mini loader is the balance between agility and power. For example, the 2 series models such as the TK216 can pull as much as four times their own weight. At a light-footed 500kg, the tracked 2 series loader has the capacity to tow a wheeled load weighing 2 tonnes.

Investing in a Mini Loader

As well as punching above its weight in terms of pulling power, a skid steer loader can be a real asset to increase revenue for your business. Your initial investment may seem like a significant outlay, but most Kanga users see their mini skid steer as a member of their team. Comparing the running costs of a Kanga loader to hiring an apprentice for a year, it’s easy to see the value one of these machines can add to a business.

All-Weather Landscaping

Every model of Kanga mini loader is waterproof, so it’s always ready for work in any weather and in any conditions. How many jobs have you had to put off because of bad weather or because the project is too big? A waterproof mini skid steer can work on any terrain, including slopes of up to 12 degrees. The only consideration you would need to make in extreme conditions such as snow would be to run the engine for 5 minutes prior to operation.

Versatile Garden Machines

Because of the huge array of attachments and accessories available, a Kanga machine can be used for numerous jobs. The diverse variety of applications includes fence hole boring, log splitting, mixing and trenching. Several of these hydraulically powered tools can be interchangeable on the same Kanga machine, so it’s like having a workshop full of tools and your most reliable worker in one compact unit.